We gauge success in terms of the value we create for our clients.

We believe a company is bigger than the product or service it sells; it stands for something. Something with meaning and purpose. A company impacts its employees, customers, and community. Because of this, when it comes time to sell your business, we believe a successful sale is more than just a financial transaction.

We dig deep into our client's business to understand its unique value, prepare the company for sale, and position it most effectively to potential buyers. Never losing sight of our client's goals and objectives, we aggressively market to a targeted group of buyers in search of an outlier who places a premium value on the company.

Until the very end, we control the sale process to create competitive tension among buyers. With leverage, we maximize transaction value and negotiate what's most important for each client.

I know it was your job to sell our business and that you were compensated for it. But the effort you made was tremendous and the manner in which you performed was spectacular. What you accomplished was miraculous! I appreciate you and I am grateful for you.

– Joy Garvey, Owner, OPTP

I could not have found a more loyal, dedicated, passionate, professional, and experienced team to work with. You have gone over and above any expectations I could've ever imagined. You truly care about your customers’ well-being.

– Jason Larkin, Owner & CEO, Solid Comfort

You kept us calm and guided us through our first business sale which had a wonderful outcome! Vermillion has the intelligence, experience and resourcefulness to get you the best deal. We highly recommend Vermillion Capital!

– Michelle Maier, Owner, Team Lab

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