Hayabusa Fightwear

Finding the right partner to help unlock untapped potential

Hayabusa Fightwear has been acquired by RAF Industries

Founded in 2006 and based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Hayabusa is a direct-to-consumer, high-growth, industry-leading pioneer of premium boxing gloves, fighting equipment, apparel, and accessories. Hayabusa is a truly authentic brand, rooted in health and wellness, offering its broad portfolio of premium products, equipment, and apparel to a loyal consumer base.

Situation Overview

After successfully pivoting from a B2B to D2C business strategy, Hayabusa’s founders sought a partner who could help them further unlock the untapped potential of their business. Finding the right fit was critical.

I can’t imagine someone working harder for us than you did.  You made the process extremely smooth and seamless.
– Ken Clement, Co-Founder and CEO, Hayabusa

M&A Transaction Process

Vermillion worked closely with Hayabusa to prepare the Company for its sale prior to going to market. Vermillion advised the Company on several strategic initiatives and decisions, including:

  • Finding the right buyer. Vermillion reached out to a number of financial and strategic buyers and orchestrated a competitive process that yielded an outstanding result for the founders.
  • Managed the due diligence process with minimal disruption to the Company.
  • Advised Hayabusa to engage an accounting firm to complete a sell-side Quality of Earnings report.
  • Worked closely with management to develop a comprehensive growth plan focused on further penetrating existing channels, targeting product expansion opportunities, and outlined a roadmap for international expansion.
  • Prepared the Company’s management team for critical meetings with buyers.
  • Vetted the finalists for the ownership group to ensure that the buyer they selected would be a solid partner.


Through a targeted marketing process, Hayabusa was sold to RAF Industries. RAF Industries’ unique approach, complementary skills, and experience growing similar companies made them the ideal partner for Hayabusa’s founders.

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