Team Lab

Founder seeking long-term partner.

Team Lab has been acquired by Lightspring Capital Partners

Based in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, Team Lab is a recognized leader in the specialty chemical industry. Team Lab offers a suite of products and supplies for paved surface construction and maintenance, wastewater and pool treatment, turf care, building surfaces and floors, and boiler systems. The Company is widely known for BASE ONE, a patented and cost-effective aggregate base stabilizer for road structures that improves road strength and stability and reduces maintenance costs. BASE ONE is used in new construction, reconstruction, full depth reclamation, and chip seal application, or used simply to stabilize aggregate surface roadways. Team Lab sells its products and solutions to cities, counties, municipalities, schools, hospitals, construction companies, and other commercial businesses.

Thank you, Vermillion Capital! You kept us calm and helped guide us through our first business sale, which had a wonderful outcome! You had the intelligence, experience, and resourcefulness to get us the best deal. – Michelle Maier, Owner, Team Lab

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