Family ownership group in search of new partner for management.

NMC-Wollard has been acquired by Kilroy Partners

Based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, NMC-Wollard designs, manufactures, markets, and services a broad line of aviation ground support equipment (“GSE”), industrial tow tractors, and front-end articulated loader/tool carriers. NMC sells its products to nearly all major commercial airlines in the U.S. and the Company is one of the largest providers of GSE to the U.S. military.

NMC’s products can be found throughout the world, supporting commercial and corporate aviation and military operations. Operationally, NMC is a fully integrated manufacturer with metal fabricating, welding, painting, and assembly capabilities. The Company’s comprehensive capabilities help to ensure that NMC’s products consistently live up to their reputation of high quality, durability, and dependability.

Situation Overview

The Steingart family ownership group was looking for an acquiror who would provide them with liquidity and back management.

You guys did a great job representing our company. You navigated us through complex issues and delivered an outstanding result. We appreciate everything you did for our family! – Bruce Steingart, Owner, NMC-Wollard

M&A Transaction Process

Vermillion worked closely with NMC-Wollard for several months to prepare the Company for its sale prior to going to market. Vermillion advised NMC on several strategic initiatives, including:

  • Advised the Company’s management team on highly critical meetings with buyers and ensured they were prepared for all areas that buyers would be focused on.
  • Advised NMC-Wollard on performing an analysis of the Company’s key government contracts, which would be scrutinized during the due diligence process.


Through a broad marketing process, Vermillion spoke with 145 prospective buyers and secured 25 first round bids. NMC-Wollard was sold to Kilroy Partners at a 14.3% premium to the next highest bidder.

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