Unsolicited offer prompts family ownership group to explore strategic alternatives.

OPTP has been acquired by Gen Cap America

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, OPTP is a leading provider of innovative physical therapy, fitness, and wellness products. OPTP’s diverse range of products includes foam rollers, lumbar rolls, and exercise balls. OPTP’s product mix is segregated between Exclusive, OPTP-Branded, and Non-Exclusive products, with Exclusive and OPTP-Branded Products accounting for over 85% of the Company’s sales mix.

The Company is a strategic partner to industry thought leaders by providing comprehensive solutions, including distribution, production, and publishing capabilities. OPTP sells its products to healthcare professionals, clinics, and individuals nationwide directly through its own website, through catalogs, and through online retail platforms such as Amazon, as well as indirectly through third-party distributors and resellers.

I know it was your job to sell our business and that you were compensated for it. But the effort you made was tremendous and the manner in which you performed was spectacular. What you accomplished was miraculous! I appreciate you and I am grateful for you. – Joy Garvey, Owner, OPTP

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